PFHA Committees/Activities/Events – Mission Statements & Objectives – 2011

PFHA Committees/Activities/Events take on initiatives to benefit the association/hospitality industry as a whole. A committee/activity/event or individual member thereof shall not represent the association in advocacy of or in opposition to any movement or project without specific authorization of the board of directors, or such authorization as may be clearly planted under the general powers delegated to that committee in the rules and regulations of the association.

Committee Chair - responsible for determining committee objectives and coordinating efforts to achieve them, and should have at least some expertise in the function or area of the committee.
Committee Co-chair – assist the chairperson in identifying objectives, preparing agendas, developing programs, etc., as well as assisting in carrying out and following up on programs in cooperation with the chairperson and committee members.
Committees & Committee Members – as a collective force, assist the Chair & Co-chair maintain/protect the committee mission statement and carry out the committee objectives and goals.

PFHA Committees – 2011:
Membership – Mission Statement 2011 – To focus on marketing the association’s services to members and strengthening the association’s brand identity, as well as working with the Communications/Public Relations Committee to increase joint marketing efforts to retain and build membership.
Objective: Coordinate the association membership drive targeting retention/new regular & allied members to grow our base by 25% in 2011. Key time period should be January – March but committee should be proactive throughout the year. Regular membership focus should be lodging (hotel/motel, vacation/overnight rental, campground), restaurants, and attractions/theaters.

Monthly Membership Meetings – Mission Statement 2011 – To coordinate & communicate all association membership meetings, establish meeting dates/times/venues and secure meeting speakers/presentations that are of benefit to the association members.

Objective: Coordinate monthly association membership meeting agenda, speakers/presentation, meeting place/venue, food service/catering.

Governmental Affairs & Relations - Mission Statement 2011 – To professionally represent the association and its members to local, state, and federal government, distribute information to the members on governmental issues affecting our industry, and provide grass roots tools for our members to insure they have a voice with government leaders.

Objective: Represent the association when necessary in local/state/federal governmental issues/legislation that will impact the association/membership such as – Pigeon Forge City Commission meetings, workshops and events, Pigeon Forge Department or Tourism, Pigeon Forge Tourism Advisory Board, Tennessee Legislature/Tennessee Hospitality Association. Inform the association/board/membership on an “as needed” and/or monthly basis of any pending legislation/issues.

Joint Associations SCLA Trade Show – Mission Statement 2011 – To provide an opportunity for allied/regular members to share and promote their products/information with the area associations/hospitality industry.
Objective: Coordinate the 2011/March Joint Associations SCLA Trade show. Select the venue, date and time of event. Communicate event with all vendors, work with venue to coordinate show set up and cost, etc., and work with the Communications/Public Relations Committee to promote the event in Sevier County.

Nominating - Mission Statement 2011 – To present a 2012 slate of names/recommendations to the association board of directors.

Objective: Recommend to the association board the new board members and/or the board of directors for the next calendar year (2012). New board member selections/recommendations should be made no later than September and elections held in the October meeting per the by-laws.

Budget/Finance - Mission Statement 2011 – To formulate/manage a three-year rolling budget of the association, monitor the accounting and financial reporting practices of the association, evaluate the dues structure and examine conformance with the bylaws, especially on dues payments; and to certify voting credentials at meetings.

Objective: Establish an annual budget (estimated revenue/expense) for the association. Work with the treasure to manage the budget and report updates to the board & membership each month. Recommend to the board the annual membership dues and lunch fees should be to maintain a balanced budget. Work with other appropriate committees to recommend to the board any and all association donations and sponsorships, etc.

Education/Community Involvement - Mission Statement 2011 – The purpose of the PFHA Education & Community Involvement Committee is to create leaning opportunities that inspire and inform the Pigeon Forge area hospitality community and its related businesses.
Objective: (1) Establish and coordinate educational opportunities/classes for the association/membership and area hospitality employees such as ServSafe Food Safety, TN Hospitality Association/Education, WSCC Hospitality Training, PFDOT Tourism Hospitality Seminars, etc. (2) Establish criteria/policy and opportunities to enhance our relationship with area community organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, PF Rotary Club, etc. (3) Recommend to board the PF area students who will receive the association annual scholarship funding.

By-laws/Rules/Regulations – Mission Statement 2011 – To continually evaluate the association By-laws/Rules/Regulations and recommend amendments/updates, monitor and advise the association board of directors and members of by-law conformance.

Objective: Continue to fine-tune and/or “tweak” the association By-laws/Rules/Regulations and make recommendation to the association board/membership “as needed” for any By-law/Rules/Regulation revisions.

Communications/Public Relations – Mission Statement 2011 – To assist the association in its efforts to build a better public image of the hospitality industry and help identify the most important public relations problems facing the industry, suggesting approaches for resolution

Objective: Coordinate with the UTK/WS Advertising/Marketing Plan, the association Secretary (Pam Smith) & Administrative Assistant (Sheila Gibson) any and all association news/events/communication to the general public and media. Develop press releases and distribute on an “as needed” basis for the association and support the overall efforts of the UTK/PFHA Advertising/Marking Plan for 2011. Work to enhance the area/community knowledge/understanding and image of the association in order to grow our exposure and mission.

Technology/Web Site/Social Marketing – Mission Statement 2011 – To help advance technology understanding and adoption within the association/hospitality industry and develop/manage the association’s web site and social media/networking.
Objective: Coordinate/cooperate with the UTK/WS Advertising/Marketing Plan to develop and/or maintain an association web site, email campaign, social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Recommend to the board a firm/person to maintain the association web site & social marketing efforts on an ongoing basis.
Executive – Mission Statement 2011 – To conduct the necessary business of the association between meetings of the board of directors. Any and all previous actions of the Executive Committee must be reviewed and ratified by the board at its next regular meeting.

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