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There are two types of members: Full Members and Associate Members.

2015_PFHA Inc Membership Application[1]

Our Mission

Full Members
Our organization provides for an unlimited number of Full Members. A Full Member consists of any individual, firm or corporation engaged in the operation of public business establishments utilizing a minimum City Business License granted by the City of Pigeon Forge and approved by the Board of Directors.

Associate Members
Associate membership is granted to the representative of such business interests as contact the hospitality interest during the course of a normal operating relationship. Associate membership applications are passed by the Board of Directors, who shall likewise be vested with authority to limit the number of accepted associate members and fix the assessment thereof. All Associate Members are entitled to attend all meetings, and may have permission from the presiding office to speak on any question, but are not entitled to vote.

Benefits Include:

  • Networking opportunities at monthly meeting and special events
  • Information that effects our industry
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Access to the PFHA website
  • Educational opportunities

Annual Membership Runs The Calendar Year, January 1st Until December 31st.

Dues are $125

Payment: Membership dues should be paid no later than March 1st. Check should be made payable to PFHA, Inc. and sent to:

P. O. Box 1401
Pigeon Forge, TN 37868

The Pigeon Forge Hospitality Association thanks you for your interest and support!