2014 Welcome Packet


Hello PFHA Members,

The 2013 year is behind us and 2014 holds much anticipation for another good tourism year. We at PFHA hope that 2013 was a good year for you and that your membership in the PFHA has offered many benefits for you and your business.

As we enter 2014 with new challenges and opportunities for the hospitality industry we look forward to working with you to accomplish exactly what our new PFHA Mission Statements states: ”To be the unified voice and a resource for information, collaboration, and education that enables Pigeon Forge hospitality establishments to advance and protect our industry.”

The key phrase in the PFHA Mission Statement is “unified voice” and we need your continued support and membership in order to remain unified and strong as there is strength in unified numbers. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to continue your membership and support in the PFHA as we want and need you to be a part of our unified voice!

For more information about the PFHA or a membership application please visit www.PFHospitality.org. You will also find a PFHA membership application, benefits page, a 2014 calendar of events, an invoice as well as other PFHA information attached to this letter/email for your convenience. Remember that we must receive your application and payment prior to March 1, 2014 in order to retain voting privileges so get your application/payment in today!

Thank you in advance for your continue support of the PFHA and we look forward to seeing you at our monthly PFHA Membership Meetings on the second Thursday (some exceptions) of each month.

Below is our 2014 PFHA Membership Committee should you want to speak with them or help support our goal of 300 members in 2014!

Donna Huffaker/The Pottery House dhuffaker@old-mill.com (865)453-1900

Ken Maples/Comfort Inn and Suites kenlmaples@aol.com (865)548-3615

Candra Carroll/Riverstone Resort and Spa ccarroll@riverstoneresort.com (865)659-5597

Kristy Becker/Titanic Museum kristy.becker@titanicattraction.com (865)868-1197 x 1308

Pam Smith/Bluff Mountain Adventures duoclass@aol.com (865)599-4080

Judy Ann Ellison/Assn. Coordinator judyann@3681900.com (865)368-1900


Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The PFHA Board of Directors & Staff

Mission Statement:

To be the unified voice and a resource for information, collaboration, and education that enables Pigeon Forge hospitality establishments to advance and protect our industry.


  • Be the recognized voice and primary source for hospitality related issues in Pigeon Forge and the region
  • Serve as a conduit for information and education to and about the hospitality industry
  • Foster relationships between members, local associations, and the TnHA to channel ideas into action
  • Collaborate on ideas and programs to improve the Pigeon Forge brand, retain current visitors, and promote our unique hospitality experience to attract new guests
  • Proactively communicate ideas and concerns to local, state and federal governments as an advocate for our members


Please complete (fill in all blanks) all fields in order for your PFHA membership application to be processed.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the President, any Membership Committee Member or Board Member.  Their contact information can be found on our website www.PFHospitality.org and attached to this application.


PFHA Type of Membership

Download Membership Application 

_____ Full Membership – $125 – (Lodging Establishment ___, Restaurant ___, Theatre ___ Attraction ___ Retail ___ with business license within the city limits of Pigeon Forge, TN)

_____ Allied/Associate Member – $125 – (Any business that is associated with member companies with or without a business license within the city limits of Pigeon Forge).


Member – Contact Information

(Please complete all areas/blanks)

Business/Company Name: ________________________________________________________________

Primary Contact Name (person): ___________________________Title: _______________________

USPS/Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________________ State: ________________ Zip: _______________________

Business Web Site Address: ______________________________________________________________

Business Email Address: _________________________________________________________________

Contact (person) Email Address: ________________________________________________________

Business Phone: (       ) ___________________ Business Fax: (       ) _________________________

Contact (person) Phone: (       ) ___________________ Cell: (       ) __________________________

Additional business representatives may receive the PFHA communication, meeting notices, etc., so please identify who you would like to receive the information for consistent communication

Additional Contact Name: ____________________________________________________________

UPSP Address: ________________________________________________________________________

E-Mail: ___________________________________________________Fax:__________________________

Additional Contact Name: ____________________________________________________________

USPS Address: _________________________________________________________________________

E-Mail: ___________________________________________________Fax:__________________________

(Please be aware that the information may be sent via email, USPS or fax so please provide all needed information for consistent communication)

Please mail your completed PFHA application along with the $125 membership fee to:  PFHA, PO Box 1401 Pigeon Forge, TN 37868

The PFHA encourages their membership to join/support the TnHA. The Tennessee Hospitality Association (TnHA) fosters the success and profitability of the hospitality industry in Tennessee.  By collectively investing in education, marketing, governmental affairs and information services, TnHA offers many benefits and services for our membership. For more information about membership contact Membership Development, at (615) 479-6844.

2014 Membership Benefits

Joining the Pigeon Forge Hospitality Association (PFHA) could be the best decision you make this year.  Whether you own, manage or are employed by a lodging facility, restaurant, theater, attraction, retail or a business closely associated with the Hospitality Industry, there are plenty of unique benefits to be gained by joining the PFHA.

The money you save through legislative action on behalf of the hospitality industry, networking with other hospitality members, or discounts you may receive through your membership in the PFHA, far outweighs the minimal initial investment to join.  Full membership (which requires hospitality facility to be within city limits of Pigeon Forge) is $125 annually.  Allied/Associate membership is also $125 annually.



After 25 plus years of successfully supporting Hospitality Lodging Industry in Pigeon Forge, the former Pigeon Forge Lodging Association (now PFHA) has expanded membership to include Pigeon Forge restaurants, attractions, theaters and retail.  We feel that our businesses can benefit and be much stronger as a whole if all of those in the Hospitality Industry are represented with one unified voice through the PFHA.

Networking Opportunities:

The PFHA is one of the largest hospitality/tourism associations in Tennessee and provides the opportunity for you to meet/network with other hospitality owners, operators, employees and suppliers on a regular basis throughout the year.  Members are encouraged to participate in the regular membership meetings/events and be active serving on committees within the PFHA.

Legislative Representation:

The PFHA works closely with both the state (TnHA) and national (AH&LA) associations to ensure that Pigeon Forge is well represented in all legislative issues that deal with the hospitality/tourism industry. The PFHA board and members work very closely with our city officials and local representatives to protect the Premier Resort Status we have all come to depend upon as well as the local/state tourism budget and funding. None of these things can be done without your ongoing and active support.  Your membership and dues directly benefit these very important ongoing efforts.



Meetings and Special Events:

The PFHA meets monthly throughout the year, generally the 2nd Thursday of each month at 11:30 am at various venues.  The meeting agendas feature current/ongoing topics and key speakers that directly affect the Hospitality Industry.  Whether it is a speaker from OSHA guiding us on the most current policies, or a representative from one of our local governmental organizations, we learn ways to better our business, improve the quality service we provide our guests and create a work environment our employees are proud to be associated.

Though the specific dates and locations are yet to be determined, or may change, the tentative 2014 meeting schedule is attached.

It is important to point out that over the past 25 plus years, the PFHA has always been, and continues to be, committed to supporting our tourism based community and economy.  In 2013, in addition to our contribution to Political Action Committees, PFHA made thousands of dollars in charitable contributions to local entities including Walter’s State Community College financial assistance, The Boys and Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains and scholarships for Pigeon Forge High School students.

Allied/Associate Members of the PFHA are a very important part of our association. They too can help us make the Hospitality Industry better for all involved with their support, products and services. The PFHA wants and needs the support of area allied/Associate Members as part of the PFHA team.

Allied/Associate Members (suppliers and/or supporters of the Hospitality Industry) are encouraged to participate, at a minimal charge, in the Sevier County Lodging Alliance & Hospitality Trade Show each year. This is a great opportunity to meet potential customers face-to-face and introduce their products/services.

For more information on the PFHA or a Membership Application visit APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP or contact one of our Membership Committee Members:

2014 PFHA Membership Committee

Donna Huffaker/The Pottery House DHuffaker@old-mill.com (865)453-1900

Ken Maples/Comfort Inn and Suites KenLMaples@aol.com (865)548-3615

Candra Carroll/Riverstone Resort and Spa CCarroll@riverstoneresort.com (865)659-5597

Kristy Becker/Titanic Museum Kristy.Becker@titanicattraction.com (865)868-1197 x 1308

Pam Smith/Bluff Mountain Adventures Duoclass@aol.com (865)599-4080

Judy Ann Ellison/Assn. Coordinator JudyAnn@3681900.com (865)368-1900


We certainly hope you will become an active member of the Pigeon Forge Hospitality Association.

For more information please visit: www.PFHospitality.org

Find us on Facebook at: Pigeon Forge Hospitality Association, LLC (PFHA)

2014 PFHA Meetings & Events Calendar

January 9, 2014                               2014 Organizational Meeting                      Music Road Hotel CC

January 23, 2014                              13th Annual Bowling Tournament                             PF Community Center

February 13, 2014                           Forging Together Reception                        Titanic Museum

February 20, 2014                           State of City Meeting with Saddle Up         TBD/LeConte Center

February 26, 2014                           TNHTA Tourism Day on the Hill                 Nashville, TN

March 12, 2014                                Trade Show (Sevierville/SHA Host)           Sevierville Convention Center

March 13, 2014                                PFHA Meeting                                                 TBD

March  2014                                      SCED Job Fair                                                  TBD

April 10, 2014                                  Dr. Steve Morse Meeting (Joint)                  Music Road Convention Center

May 8, 2014                                      PFHA Meeting                                                 TBD

June 12, 2014                                    Commissioner Susan Whitaker (Joint)      Holiday Inn Pigeon Forge

July 10, 2014                                     State Representatives Meeting                    Walter State Community College

August 12, 2014                                              17th Annual Golf Tournament                      Sevierville Golf Club

August 14, 2014                                              PFHA Meeting                                                 TBD

August, 2014                                     TNHTA Annual Conference & Expo           TBD

August, 2014                                     Housekeeping Tournament                          Music Road Convention Center

September 11, 2014                        Greg Adkins, TNHTA                                     TBD

September, 2014                              Governor’s Conference on Tourism           Knoxville, TN

October 9, 2014                              PFHA Meeting (Elections for 2015)           TBD

November 13, 2014                         Veteran’s Tribute Meeting (Joint)                              Dixie Stampede

December 11, 2014                         A Look Back at 2014                                      Lumberjack Feud

December, 2014                               PFHA Frontline Christmas Party                Music Road Hotel


PFHA Committees/Activities/Events – Mission & Objectives 2014


PFHA Committees, Activities and Events take on initiatives to benefit the association/hospitality industry as a whole. A committee, activity or event chair, co-chair or individual member thereof shall not represent the association in advocacy of or in opposition to any movement or project without specific authorization of the board of directors, or such authorization as may be clearly planted under the general powers delegated to that committee in the rules, regulations or by-laws of the association.

Committee Chair – responsible for determining committee objectives and coordinating efforts to achieve them, and should have at least some expertise in the function or area of the committee.

Committee Co-chair- assist the chairperson in identifying objectives, preparing agendas, developing programs, etc., as well as assisting in carrying out and following up on programs in cooperation with the chairperson and committee members.

Committees & Committee Members – as a collective force, assist the Chair & Co-chair maintain/protect the committee mission statement and carry out the committee objectives and goals.


PFHA Committees – Mission & Objective


Membership: To focus on marketing the association benefits and services to its members and/or potential members and to strengthening the association brand identity, as well as cooperation with the Communications/Public Relations Committee to increase joint marketing efforts to retain and build membership.
Objective: Coordinate the annual association membership campaign/drive targeting retention/new regular & allied members to grow our base by 25%. Key time period should be January – March but the committee should be proactive throughout the year. Regular membership focus should be lodging (hotel/motel, vacation/overnight rental, campground), restaurants, amusements/attractions, theaters and retail.

Monthly Membership Meetings: To coordinate & communicate all association membership meetings, establish meeting dates/times/venues and secure meeting speakers/presentations that are of benefit to the association members as well as compile, update and distribute an annual calendar of meetings and events.

Objective: Coordinate and secure monthly association membership meeting agenda, speakers/presentation, meeting place/venue, food service/catering with a completion goal of January 31st.

Governmental Affairs & Relations: To professionally represent the association and its members to local, state, and federal government, distribute information to the members on governmental issues affecting our industry, and provide grass roots tools for our members to insure they have a voice with government leaders.

Objective: Represent the association when necessary in local/state/federal governmental issues/legislation that will impact the association/membership such as – Pigeon Forge City Commission meetings, workshops and events, Pigeon Forge Department or Tourism, Pigeon Forge Tourism Advisory Board, Tennessee Legislature and Tennessee Hospitality Association. Inform the association board and membership on an “as needed” and/or monthly basis of any pending legislation/issues and recommend any necessary or needed action.

Joint Associations SCLA Trade Show: To provide a networking opportunity for allied/regular members to share and promote their products/information with the area associations/hospitality industry.
Objective: Coordinate the March Joint Associations SCLA Trade show (when assigned), select the venue, date and time of event. Communicate event with all vendors, work with venue to coordinate show set up and cost, etc., and coordinate with the Communications/Public Relations Committee to promote the event throughout Sevier County.

Nominating: To present an annual slate of names/recommendations for officers and board members to the association board of directors.

Objective: Recommend to the association board the new board members and/or the board of directors for the next calendar year. New board member selections/recommendations should be made no later than September and elections held in the October meeting per association by-laws.

Budget/Finance: To formulate/manage a three-year rolling budget of the association, monitor the accounting and financial reporting practices of the association, evaluate the dues structure and examine conformance with the bylaws, rules/regulations, specifically on dues payments; and to certify voting credentials at meetings.

Objective: Establish an annual budget (estimated revenue/expense) for the association. Work with the treasure to manage the budget and report updates to the board & membership each month. Recommend to the board the annual membership dues and lunch fees in order to maintain a balanced budget. Work with other appropriate committees to recommend to the board any and all association donations, events and sponsorships, etc.

Education/Community Involvement: To create educational and leaning opportunities that inspires and informs the Pigeon Forge area hospitality community and its related businesses.
Objective: (1) Establish and coordinate educational opportunities/classes for the association/membership and area hospitality employees such as ServSafe Food Safety, TN Hospitality Association/Education, WSCC Hospitality Training, PFDOT Tourism Hospitality Seminars, etc. (2) Establish criteria/policy and opportunities to enhance our relationship with area community organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, PF Rotary Club, etc. (3) Recommend to board the Pigeon Forge area students who will receive the association annual scholarship funding.

By-laws/Rules/Regulations: To continually evaluate the association By-laws, Rules/Regulations and recommend amendments/updates, monitor and advise the association board of directors and members of by-law conformance.

Objective: Continue to fine-tune and/or “tweak” the association By-laws, Rules/Regulations and make recommendations to the association board/membership “as needed” for any By-law, Rules/Regulation revisions.

Communications/Public Relations: To assist/promote the association, committees and events in a unified effort to establish an enhanced knowledge and public image of the hospitality industry and the association as well as identify the most important public relations issues facing the association/industry and suggest resolution.

Objective: Coordinate with association committees and staff on any and all association news, events and/or communication to the general public and media. Develop press releases and distribute on an “as needed” basis for the association and support the overall efforts of the association mission, objectives and goals. Work to enhance the area/community knowledge, understanding and image of the association in order to grow our exposure and mission.

Technology/Web Site/Social Marketing: To help advance technology understanding and adoption within the association/hospitality industry and develop/manage the association’s web site and social media communication and networking.
Objective: Coordinate/cooperate with the Communications/Public Relations Committee to develop and/or maintain an association web site, email campaign, social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Recommend to the board a firm/person to maintain the association web site & social marketing efforts on an annual basis.

Executive: To conduct the necessary business of the association between meetings of the board of directors. Any and all previous actions of the Executive Committee must be reviewed and ratified by the board at its next regular meeting.

Objective: Manage and protect the association by-laws, mission statement and objectives as well as oversee in conjunction with the association president any association independent contractors and/or employees.


Join us today… www.PFHospitality.org











Pigeon Forge Hospitality Association – Hospitality & Tourism Economic Importance &  Facts

Investing in the Future of Pigeon Forge


  • Since 1987 Pigeon Forge has invested $149 million in advertising and received $15.7 billion in gross business receipts, hosted over 62.5 million overnight visitors and received an ROI of $48 for every $1 invested in tourism
  • Gross revenue in 2012 reached an all time high of $905 million – a 9% increase over 2011 and 2013 is on track to be another record setting year!
  • Lodging revenue in 2012 was $192 million – a 10% increase over 2011
  • Amusement revenue was $161  million – a 9% increase over 2011
  • Commercial investment by the private sector was $62 million in 2012 – an increase of 56% over 2011
  • Each Pigeon Forge Permanent Resident Household pays about $4,775 LESS in local city taxes as a result of taxes generated by tourism
  • Pigeon Forge/Sevier County generated $1.58 billion in tourism spending; created 17,830 (full & part-time) jobs totaling $364.5 million in worker paychecks; generated $85 million in state sales taxes and over $45 million in local taxes in 2012
  • In fiscal year 2011/12 The Pigeon Forge Commission invested an additional $500,000 in tourism advertising brining our total advertising budget to $9.2 million per year. This additional $500k paid huge dividends as noted in our record breaking year of 2012
  • Investing in tourism advertising, development and promotion is investing in the future of Pigeon Forge!


We need your help, participation and support to continue this effort! For a PFHA membership application visit: www.PFHospitality.org.


Please join us today!







Membership dues for the 2014 year…………………………………….……….        $125



Total amount due……………………………………………………………….…. …….       $125



Effective January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014



If you have already paid your membership dues please disregard this notice and use this invoice for your records.



Please make your check payable to PFHA and mail it along with your fully completed membership application page to:



PO Box 1401

Pigeon Forge, TN  37868



Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and we appreciate your support of the Pigeon Forge Hospitality Association!

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